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I just got an email from Amazon telling me that my copy will be delivered by Thursday. YAY! I am so looking forward to your book! I just don't know if I can put enough exclamation points in this comment to accurately represent how much I'm looking forward to it. !!!!!!!!!!! to the 36th power perhaps?

Rebecca Einstein Schorr

I would love to interview for my blog. Just need to read it first so that my questions are intelligent!


Denise Emanuel Clemen

I bow down to the Marketing Whorel! Ordering it now. Will review on my blog, of course!


Congratulations, Barbara!


I, too, curtsey to the Marketing Whore. I'm off to order and then I'll review -- and let's do an interview on my blog!

Laura B

So excited that my copy (which I pre-ordered) arrived yesterday and I am excited to read. I love the cover. So cute! Thanks for writing, Barbara! You are a gifted and generous, teacher. Sending lots of love.


I can't wait to read it! Congratulations Aunty B!

Kathleen Guthrie Woods

Congratulations, Barbara! Ordered my copy from our local bookstore (so I can promote it when I pick it up) and added a plug on FB. Long live the Marketing Whore!


Congratulations Barbara! Just received my pre-ordered copy and can't wait to dive in!

Loren Stephens

Congratulations Barbara. Can't wait to get my copy. Will promote at my writing workshop on August 4. I think you need to come up with another persona -- writing whore doesn't suit you. Hugs, L

Wendy Kennar, wendykennar.blogspot.com

Congratulations, Barbara!!! Anxiously awaiting my pre-ordered copy to arrive.

Barbara Abercrombie

Barbara Abercrombie


Oh, thank you everybody for those lovely comments! (Loren: how about 'Marketing Tart'?)

sac prada

De saker jag har sett i termer av bärbar dator är att det finns specs som SDRAM, DDR eller något annat, måste som matchar upp funktionerna i moderkortet. Om PC moderkortet är mycket aktuellt och det finns inget operativsystem frågor modernisera minnesutrymmet tar bokstavligen under en timme eller så. Det är en av många enklaste typer PC Upgrade av förfaranden kan man tänka på. Tack för att sprida dina idéer.


Dear Marketing Whore,

You go girl! You already know I reviewed this but you are more than welcome to use my remarks on your blog or anywhere they'll help. I loved the book and while I may never get to real writing I'm moving closer to my own book review site in which case I'll want an interview!

Catherine/Portland Book Review


Thanks, Catherine - and thanks for that lovely review!


Well, I think this one is damn good. I can see the differences and the imemrvpoent. You were so determined and patient. I'm proud of you. Keep shooting something every single day.


Barbara - This. Is. Amazing! I can't stop smiling. Thank you, Kerri. Thank you so much. We just love these! I'd like to hug again now. LOL!


A Happy (belated) Birthday to Barbara. I have enjoyed your books for many years. I have found hacoedvrr editions of the The Silicon Mage series and the of the Sunwolf and Hawk series, but I can't find any copies anywhere of the the Darwath Trilogy in hardback (either separately or in one volume). I have found the last 2 books of the series in hardback, but not the first 3. I'm curious to know if the first 3 were ever published in hacoedvrr. If so, any suggestions on how to find them? This is the first time I have posted a comment on this website I'm not sure if I'm putting my question in the best place or whether the answer will come in an email to me or as a response here on the site. Either way would be appreciated.Thanks


The Abigail Adams mysteries are so dehutlgfil that I decided I had to write a note to Barbara Hamilton to thank her for them. And discovered that she is the author of my beloved Benjamin January books. So this is a thank you for both these intelligent series, for the realistic characters, the evocative settings, and the cleverly constructed mysteries. Brava!Mary


reminds me of the Ramona, The character from the Beverly Cleary books. I think that was the atuhor's name. I love that you have an Aunt Barbara. I can only hope that my niece is as crazy about me as you are Aunt Barbara. I look forward to reading more about your travels.


Hi Queenbee,if you are in the New York area, you can get them at 115-117 Wooster Street NYC 10012.If you go on the website, there is also stroes in France, Italy and Moscow.Good Luck!!!


I can understand where your thtuohgs are with this. Some things are just too personal but I don’t think it should stop you from writing them just because you don’t publish your writing. Writing can be a sense of relief through many emotions. As a reader, I enjoy getting to know the writer of the article and or book that I’m reading. It helps me to understand them as a writer and what they're writing. But on occasion a writer will display too much, too personal, and it can sway me away from wanting to read more. The line in sand is there and congrats on recognizing that line for you as well as for your readers like me. As always, I enjoy what you write.


Hi bookfraud that has prlbobay been my salvation, indeed. I enjoyed your post on FB but have to admit I'm not sure FB is in the same league as the burning of books. It's a tool, and we're free to use it or not as we please.techquestioner thanks so much for that suggestion I'm going to use that to switch off Farmville notifications too.Davina there's much less to figure out than on Twitter (though maybe that's because I still haven't got' it). But your point is interesting would I encourage you to join up if you haven't yet? Probably not. More just sayin' that there are things you can learn to like about it if you happen to be there.George it is very fiddly to work with that's for sure. I hardly ever update my own profile but I have got more into the habit of seeing what other people are up to, and that can pass a pleasant five minutes or two It has been interesting to see how you can develop the page though, and I guess more writers will start to do that as a way of connecting with readership who are on FB.Tammi you have hit the nail on the head with your assessment of the way FB changes the rules, esp the impact that can have on some users like older people who wouldn't necessarily have the savvy or the access to keep changing along with FB. Hopefully they've listened and leared this time


Thanks for running thuogrh your likes/unlikes of Facebook. I have been on the opposite side of the fence I have preferred Facebook and am now learning to like Twitter. To me, it's about personal preference & style. Maybe I'm too old, LOL, but Twitter moves way too fast for me even with my lovely filters and 3rd party systems and such set up. And it has been less natural to engage with new people. Whereas on FB, I have made important and wonderful and REAL connections with people I would not have met otherwise. (I know people do that on Twitter, too, but for me that has been easier on FB, with the somewhat slower pace and format).Like I said, I'm learning to like Twitter and have committed to learning more about it and staying involved. In the end, these are just tools for me, it's all about building mutually beneficial relationships, and Twitter/FB are just vehicles to help that along. Some other tool will come along soon enough, I'm sure, to keep things interesting!Thanks for provoking these thoughts today, Joanna.

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