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Great Cover!!

Melissa C.

Beautiful and Inspiring, Barbara. Is it too soon for me to put a shout out on Facebook?

Loren Stephens

Congratulations Barbara. Love the cover. I will spread the word. Loren

Barbara Force

I, too love the cover and look
forward to holding and reading it!

Denise Emanuel Clemen

Congrats, Barbara! Can't wait to crack it open.

Wendy Kennar, wendykennar.blogspot.com

Fantastic, Barbara! Looking forward to reading it!


Ordered!Can't wait until it gets here. Yay!


Thank you everybody! I love the cover too. New World Library has done the greatest job with this book!

Nancy Minchella

Congratulations Barbara on another wonderful
book of inspiration. Can hardly wait to read it.

lunettes soleil prada

boah är detta en enorm webbplats. Very nice inlägg nedan - hur ofta ska man ta upp hittills i särskilda hemsidan? Ok bye min bästa vän.


The citations and its honset work you dont cite your sources with quotes you know what mean.The citations and its honset work you know what mean.


As competent a wiretr as I am, I'm not sure I would ever be able to write fiction. Poetry, but it's almost always autobiographical; or what they called "persuasive writing" when I was in school. Is it still called that?I can tell you when I really started: a teacher who required us to keep a journal in either 7th or 8th grade. I have a stash of these ancient works somewhere


Fascinating. I'm very interested in rendiag the comparison with the pantser now. I'm a planner, too, but, like Kate, I also allow a lot of flexibility so that if something occurs in the story as I'm writing and leads to a change to the story I don't immediately dismiss it because it doesn't fit. If it's a huge change I will stop and plan out two pathways one following the track of the new change and one going in the other direction. If I'm happy that the change is going to improve the story then I go for it, and have my pathway to work from. If the change is minor, I can usually do that in my head and make a decision and keep writing. I do usually need to know a possible ending before I can start, but sometimes that can be nebulous and open to change. It depends on the story.


wow Putti, tumba chennagi kathe helta idaaLe. kathe enu anta saiarygi gottaglilla, aadre kathe heLo reeti super aagide, with so much expression :) good job putti!!!


I'm a big fan of this dare. I don't think we take enough time in our lives to sit down and eimnxae who we want to be. How are we supposed to develop into the ideal version of ourselves if we have no clue of who we want to be? I wrote down a couple of good details today there will certainly be more to come in the upcoming weeks. I also really like how it's on Saturday since Saturdays tend to be quieter than weekdays.


Gareth,Thanks for the contribution. More from annoye is welcome!For what it’s worth, I didn’t list general writing advice to keep the size of the post in check My excuse (!) is that I took my lead from a book I had been reading about writing science fiction that focused only what made sci-fi different, leaving the general stuff for other books. (I had to return it having only read the first half; some sod has taken it out and I it seems to be the only copy in town so I can’t get back to it frustrating.)I do want want general stuff too (it’s all good): as you say you do need to know how to write, “period.” It kind-of underlies everything Your avatar shows, you’re an author, so really I ought to be taking more notice :-)Final thought: my writing on this blog stinks and I know it, which I can’t stand. I can write a lot better. The main problem I find is that with blog posts I rarely have the chance to put the words aside to re-read them later as a reader might. The up-shot is that my articles aren’t even “first draft”; they’re more like “brain fart.” Smelly and ugly.(More technically, the small font of the WordPress editor isn’t helping my self-editing. Sometime I want to find a better way of getting it up. Currently I write the notes in an editor (TextWrangler) then move to the WP editor. For proofing I’m forced to Preview (zoomed so it’s readable) and juggle between that and the WP editor, which makes editing/proofing messy and a bit hit-and-miss.)


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