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Bob G.

Also recounted by Pema Chodron...


Well, I just dip into his posts now and then, but I am impressed that he has trneud his lifestyle into an object of admiration and emulation. That's what I meant by taking action, not just fantasizing.


Interesting discussion, ienedd. I haven't read the books, but I've long shied away from writing memoir in a sort of sustained way, mainly because my day-to-day life is really not all that dramatic or interesting, even to me. Sometimes I think this marks a personal failure to seek out more adventurous and perhaps risky experience. Sometimes I think I've just been lucky not to have to deal with the sorts of stress and tragedy that many people face. (And I often remember that it could happen to me tomorrow, or yet this afternoon.) I got a chuckle out of Jim's remark about being middle-sized frogs in small ponds, which does describe my situation pretty accurately. Of course I wonder sometimes what might have been different had I tried harder to climb the academic ladder, or to write the sort of book that would actually sell a lot of copies. How much do we really choose that sort of thing, and how much do we do what we're meant to do? Hard telling. I would only add here that I'd be quite reluctant to claim that I've been doing God's will all these years. On the other hand, I haven't received any direct imperatives to go do something else, either . . .


Cat, I know you do worry about such things, and that's what makes you a poersn of such integrity.Good point on me crediting my own I'll add it later.I know what you mean about uploading. I've got zillions of pictures from Skye I'd love to sort and upload but it would take me for ever. I'm trying to get into the habit of doing it as I go along (saving, looking at, fixing then selecting the best pics I want to put on flickr, then add them on via the uploader.)So I still have the record of the whole lot if I want them, but I've gone through a mental filter in terms of what I chose to put on flickr. I guess that too is part of the editing and improving process.Joanna


Right. I've taken a few months of not woknirg on this project. Now I'm about 90k words into it, expecting to end up around 250k (it's hard to even THINK of that large of a number being a single book, btw). Note that this is the exact opposite of bragging. I deserve pity lol.6-8 months is more than reasonable to finish a first draft, IMO. That's about what it takes me when I'm putting full energy into it. Not sure if you thought that was too long or what, but it's the Goldilocks range for us folks who still have day jobs.

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