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Can you repost the link? This one is not working.



it needs a dub-dub-dub


Loren Stephens

Thank you so much for this. Really appreciate it. Have a wonderful Fourth of July in Montana. Hugs, Loren

Barbara B.

Poor cat! I do not like to see animals following anyone down a road.
Looks awful lonely out there for her to be alone like that. (;-(



Joni and Linda - Thanks for the heads up Loren - and happy 4th to you!
Barb B. - Not to worry. Mama Cat has two families feeding her (including me), a warm safe place to sleep, and a car comes down that road about every two hours. )and I had her spayed two years ago.


You stun me with your willful icrnoange. a0Face it, OSX gets viruses. a0To claim otherwise is foolish. It's like you've taken the planes aresafer than cars statistic and warped it into planes are 100% safe .a0You then go on to back up your claims with 30 year old security models. a0Thankfully, the airline industry doesn't follow that same practice.You've made a statement. Back it up. Where is there evidence of OS X (the proper form of the name it means OS 10) getting a virus that actually caused any damage? Not some proof of concept toy, a real world, self installing, self replicating, computer program that does not require operator intervention to install. Show us all proof. Educate us.Funny you mention attack vectors because a short while ago Firefox wasreleased with a zero-day exploit which affected all users, including OSX users. a0Those people, complacent of the fact that they are potentiallyat risk, believe there's no danger in clicking on links at random. a0It's a mac, after all a0and Unix must be InherentlySecure(TM). a0Thankfully,several mac sites had more professional foresight than you and reportedit, along with other windows news organizations.This Zero-Day Exploit how many computers were infected through it? What would have happened if a Mac user had have clicked on a link. Would it have asked the user for permission to install software? Would it have asked permission to run software that was downloaded from the Internet for the first time? Yes to both questions things that all Macs running Leopard and Snow Leopard do automatically, and which would warn that something strange was going on. All the user has to do is deny permission, something that the popup box urges you to do if you don't recognize the software package. Yes, it was newsworthy. No, the sky wasn't falling, as Ed Bot, and his ilk would have you believe.OSX is vulnerable, splitting hairs over virus/trojan/worm terminologyonly leads to confusion. a0When most people see invulnerable to viruses they're going to assume invulnerable to malware . a0You're a techjournalist, you have a duty to the community and the public to reportthis stuff honestly. a0It's unsettling to see your agenda get in the wayof this.Every operating system has vulnerabilities. You are probably too young to remember FORMAT.COM, but it was one of the biggest vulnerabilities that MS DOS had, and it was an official part of the operating system. I know of several Bulletin Board operators who lost their systems because of that program.Your refusal to even try and understand the differences doesn't help the situation. If the end user is expecting an attack that walks in and installs itself without his/her knowledge, and instead gets hit by a social engineering attack, they won't be ready for it. We have to warn them of the different types of attack, and of the different attack vectors, or they can't defend themselves.And that is exactly what I did. I also took a shoot at the horrifically bad level of reporting that I was seeing from other reporters. People like Ed Bot do a terrible disservice to the technical reporting trade. There are other people whom I often don't agree with, like John Dvorak and Mary Jane Foley, but whom I have a lot of respect for, because they do a damned good job, and they report the truth. Guys like Bot report the Microsoft party line, and nothing else.Me, I report whatever I feel like. At various times I've been critical of every company in the industry. I've got an article coming shortly under which will explain why Apple has hit it's peak, and is about to start on a downward slide. I'm predicting that the company should stabilize at about 75-85% of it's current sales. Which will still make it a damned valuable company, but not the tech giant it is today.And as for Microsoft, I suggest you read up on the . My prediction has the company entering Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection in the fall of 2014. This is based on Microsoft's on financial numbers, as reported to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.In other words, if your company is depending upon Microsoft technologies, you'd better start working on an exit plan.Wayne

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