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Oh, Barbara, I'm so sorry to hear of your dear muse Stuart's death. Thank you for letting us know. And I'm so glad that Bob was able to do this for you -- he sounds like a wonderful vet and person.

Jenny R

So sorry about your loss. I always enjoy the posts when you write about Stuart and Charlotte.

Cindy Lieberman

I'm so sorry to hear about Stuart, Barbara. My thoughts go out to you and Charlotte.

Bob G.

Thank you for your kind comments.
"He looked so beautiful that it was impossible that he was dying." That is so true. That is what every pet owner who is connected with their animal feels at the end. I hope someone looks at me and thinks that on my way out. I'm so grateful to be a part of your life, and R's and Charlotte's and Stuart's, and I'm so thankful that Stuart left this world as he lived in it, with love and comfort and dignity.

Magdalena Edwards

I am sorry to hear about Stuart's passing, but it is wonderful that he died with peace and dignity in his own bed. I am sending love your way as you mourn your dear friend, muse, and companion.

Nancy Minchella

Oh Barbara, I'm so sorry. I remember meeting Stuart and Charlotte when I first came to your house in Hermosa. I know you and Charlotte will miss him
terribly. Perhaps someday he will return in a story.

Glenn Court

Each time it happens, it's the first time, isn't it? The same raw ache and disbelief, the same odd vacuum. For Stuart, though, the best of all circumstances. Stroke Charlotte gently. (It's eight years later and I can still see Clementine's eyes following me so closely and fearfully for days after Calpurnia suddenly died.)

suzanne oconnell

I'm so sorry. I hope it consoles you a little to remember that Stuart had a wonderful life. It's a tribute to our human spirit and resilience that we are able to continue to fall madly in love with the short-lived, furry family members who find us.


Oh Barbara, These are hard times, I am always so amazed on the depth of emotions when we lose a beloved animal. Last time for me, I shut myself in the house and wouldn't answer the phone for days. I don't know any words that can change your grief, but those of us that are dog, or cat, or horse- animal-people, know and can only stand with you. And we know know that a loving vet and supportive family are true blessing. God bless you in these difficult times. Marilynn

Barbara Force

Oh Barbara, I'm sitting here crying with you, and grateful that Stuart had such a wonderful life in a loving home. It's truly an emptiness for awhile-and one keeps thinking that you will see them coming around the corner, or jumping out from behind a vase. I also am glad he had a gentle, dignified leaving. As the tears wane, the good memories will prevail.

Kathleen Guthrie

What a beautiful tribute to your dear companion. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Mary Rose Betten

Barbara I am sorry you had to say goodbye to your
Stuart but there is more love in the world because of Stuart. It made me smile to learn you have a Charotte. We had a cat named Charolote, affectionately known as ",Charlote the harlot cat," since she was a true lady of the evening and had the voice to prove it. Thank you for sharing your Stuart with us as E.D. would have it: ""That love is all there is - is all we know of love-it is enough." is a fitting tribute to your Stuart. Thanks for sharing his picture "among the books," Yep, that's gotta be Barbara's cat. our love to Charlotte & you, M.R. and Pat.

Lisa Manterfield

Oh Barbara, I'm os very sorry to hear this. I know how dear he was to you and how much our little furry friends warm up our lives. My thoughts are with you, R, and Charlotte.

Jeannette Bloom

Barbara: So sorry for your loss of Stuart. Hopefully, you will be comforted by the many wonderful memories of him that you have.

Denise Emanuel Clemen

Barbara, that's so sad & I'm so sorry. Love to you & R & Charlotte.


Everyone: Your comments mean a lot to me - thank you for taking the time to write them. xxoo Barbara

Monica Holloway

Dear Barbara, I love this picture of Stuart so much. I love that he died in his own bed surrounded by all who loved him. I'm sorry for the grief you must be experiencing and wish more than anything that nothing could separate us from those we love. But such is life ... and who can possibly understand it?
Much love, Monica


So sorry to hear about Stuart. I am grateful you had Bob there, I agree that he is the most compassionate and caring vet I have ever met (and a good writing group member). What a lovely tribute to Stuart and Bob.

Susan Wright Bryant

My heart goes out to you. I am so sorry you have lost a beloved friend and confidante. I lost Irving (named for John Irving)July 15, 2008. He was 20 yrs old, had failing kidneys & nearly blind but he could see, understand, cuddle and abide despite my mood, and love anyone, but esp. me. I have pictures of him framed, and sometimes look into his huge green eyes and say "Irv I miss you!" I bet Stuart and Irving will be with us again someday.


Awww! You did a FANTASTIC JOB Shell. So sad I had to cancel with them for their wdenidg. But great to see they went with you. I know its going to be an AWESOME event! They will be loads of fun to work with. Great job with the engagement shoot!Congrats again Stuart + Charlotte <3xxx


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