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Denise Emanuel Clemen

Fab! Now I'm jealous. I just changed back to my old phone from my Blackberry Storm because the girl at Verizon told me it would be 7 cents a minute to call the U.S. from France. Turns our she was wrong and I had a $1005.00 phone bill. So now I'm economizing. Anyone want to buy a Blackberry Storm in a glossy lime green case? Barely used! Globally capable! (like me)
I'm going to ditch Verizon and get an iphone when I can.

Glenn Court

Ha! Another addict. Never any going back from an iPhone. Never never. Wonderful wonderful. And so on.

Cindy Lieberman

Hi Barbara -- I'm glad you're happy with the iPhone. Do you know you can make shortcuts to your favorite websites? Let me know if you need help figuring it out -- it makes web surfing so easy!


Denise - OMG Did you write/call Verizon about this? Fight that phone bill!

Glenn - Yes, yes, yes.

Cindy - I'd love to find out. I also need to find out how to add other people's blog addresses to the sidebar. My daughter did it for me four years ago - hence only two blogs and a list of books that never changes.


You need to change company. The told me the wrong date on my contract and I had to pay the fee of cancelling before time. Bastards. Be careful.

Marilynn Stumfall

SOLD! I thought I didn’t need and couldn't justify an iPhone for me. After reading your blog, Barbara, I remembered it's my birthday (at my age I usually try to ignore them) at the end of the month--hooray! I went to my Apple home-page and checked the iPhone's adds out under the heading “Over 100,000 Apps. . . ." Today I’m putting the word out to my husband and the kids—a birthday iPhone is my wish.


Marilynn - Enjoy your birthday and your new phone!!

Beverly Higginson

Why am I so worried about leaving Verizon and getting an IPhone? I DON'T KNOW! Verizon is hounding me to upgrade, and though I'm unhappy with them, I'm afeared. I've heard nothing but great stuff about the IPhone, and now you Barbara have confessed your love for it. So I might have to convince my husband since we're on the same plan, but I think I'm goin' for it. Thanks for the nudge. Beverly

Laura Smith

have I missed conversation about NaNoWriMo? (National Novel Writing Month)
people make a commitment to write 50,000 words in the month of November...I should do something like this with my painting!

Cellular in Philippine Phone

Oh! Wish I can also have that kind of phone. I really like it. Anyway, I will buy that if I'll already have enough money. Thanks for sharing!


Susan Bearman

So we got an iPhone for my son with learning/organizational issues. With VoCal he can say "I have an orthodontist appointment on Friday" and it translates to text to put on his calendar or email in a message. So cool.

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