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Jenny R

Ron and I are thinking of getting rid of our very, very, very, very ancient cell phones and replacing them with Blackberries (we figure we won't use all the "apps" that make the iPhone appealing to others). Now you are giving me second thoughts!


So sorry, but I have no advice whatsoever. I have a basic cell phone -- and LG -- and while I can text, sort of, I never do. I use the camera only now and then. It's for talking, mainly. I'm terrified of trying something new. Let me know how it goes...

Patricia Edie

Ohhhhh...welcome to my life! I have always considered myself fairly techno-savvy when it comes to electronics but I am gasping for breath on the sidelines of the race to keep up. I recently read about a psychological dynamic called "status quo bias" that causes us to be reluctant to change what we already have and I wondered if that was my problem regarding a new cellphone. I have the old Samsung clam shell that does...guess what...send and receive phone calls. It has a camera, but once I have taken the picture, I can't do anything with it but gaze at it on my phone screen as I try to angle the light just right. I also have an old plan that keeps my costs close to a $1 a day. Verizon continues to send me brochures about all the new phones and plan options and I am enticed to be able to pull a spiffy tarty red phone out of my purse as well. Trying to decide what meets my needs is like trying to choose my toothpaste at the Walgreen Dental Hygiene aisle. My adult sons all have Blackberries that allow them to conduct business while granting me an occasional "uh-huh" at the dinner table and insist I am completely out of the game with my old Samsung. Like you, all I want is the ability to take and receive calls or capture and share photos. Somehow, the marketing gurus insist I need more. As to finding help with how to operate yours, I think you need to hand it to one of your grandchildren. I am convinced they have an evolved gene that knows just what buttons to push, in a techno way, that is.


Go back and ask the eight-year-old all your questions :) You are a smart, sophisticated woman who just needs a little help getting going with a new phone. No biggie! I've seen lots of people ask all kinds of questions when buying a new phone, computer or whatever. I do, myself. Took me two days to figure out how to use my new samsung washer/dryer (does anyone else think they are sentient beings?) New gadgets and gizmos can be daunting sometimes, but don't give up...you can do it Babs!


I, too, had an old regular phone. For my b-day this year my husband got me the iphone. I was intimidated and had to change to ATT even from Verizon. I was sure I would not use all those apps etc --- but I do use a lot --- and you can figure the iphone out by yourself, or nearly so. And it is easy to text on -- which I never mastered before and it can be handy.

You will get it -- give youself a few days. Anything new throws me off and these gadgets from phones to dishwashers are all so fancy electronically that we are initially put off. I still haven't figured out my digital camera -- or rather how to get pictures to Shutterfly, which everyone says is so easy.

Really relate to this article and love that you write about these everyday life issues.

Cindy Lieberman

I love my iPhone and I highly recommend it. I was like you, insisting I didn't need a phone with so many whips and jingles, but once I got the hang of it, I fell in love. Don't discount those applications. Some of them are really useful and they don't cost a cent to download. The only negative is that if you have a problem, you have to schedule an appointment with Apple in order to get it fixed -- kind of like the DMV. It's annoying and necessitates two trips to the mall, but other than that, the phone is worth every penny.

Denise Emanuel Clemen

I would get an i-phone, I think. An i-phone and a Mac.
I just got a Blackberry before I went to France so I could call back to the States to my mom and the BF. It worked--but the thing still scares me. One thing I've found is that it must be held gingerly against the head or buttons are pushed unintentionally and the call is muted. I mean, didn't anyone find this out in the testing phase?


Jenny - Be sure and read Denise's comment on her Blackberry!
Elizabeth - What do you take those great pictures on your blog with?
Patricia - I did hand it to a granddaughter yesterday and even she couldn't figure it out.
Hivani - Stay tuned. I'll let you all know if I do.
Harriet - Thanks for the iPhone vote. My friend Rick showed me his and practically sold it to me on the spot. Then I got cold feet.
Cindy - and thanks for vote number 2 - This just about cinches it for me.
Denise - R. got a Blackberry too for Europe. We used it a lot over there to communicate with home. Then I didn't use it when we returned and I forgot everything I knew about it. Yeah, I'm getting an iPhone.
Thanks for all this info everybody.

lisa delong

Hi Barbara,
Here's another vote for an i phone. My daughter and husband bought it for me as a gift. I had not asked for it and was perfectly satisfied with my so very basic little old Samsung that didn't take pictures, I never texted because it was too time consuming. My daughter taught me how to sinc the i phone and set it up, so I had a built in tutor which helped. All I can say is it is the easiet phone I have ever used and I do love it. I text like mad now and enjoy the connection it has given me to my savvy daughters. My 10 year old son is entertained by it when I need him to be quiet and I use it all the time. It is my alarm clock, my calendar, my note taker, my voice recorder, my photo album.....you get the picture.


Please quote me if you feel inclined to.

On the subject of the cellular, I remember, several years ago, when not being able to make sense of the manual, calling the service provider asking for help in installing a function (I think it was the retrieving of messages) and getting a very patient young person who guided me through all the steps, with success I'm pleased to report.

For what it's worth.


Lisa - Oh, I'm headed for an iPhone - the next chapter soon.
Claude - Thanks for both your email and this comment. I'm trying!


Yes you can. As long as you have email set up on the phone. And it downloads delcitry. But I prefer to use the web base mail application to download the files. So if you use Yahoo, Google, or Hotmail, use the applications that are from the mobile Internet, not the mail app integrated into the phone. But truth be told, I'm not sure if Google or Hotmail does it because I use Yahoo. But I'm almost certain they work.Sorry I get off the topic down here/ / /And as much as I love the iPhone. It doesn't download ANYTHING delcitry from Safari (unless you jailbreak it, which I did XD), except for images. Everything is through App Store, Mobile iTunes, or iTunes on a computer, and it isn't even free! Except for Apps and Podcasts. I'm not hating on the iPhone, I'm just pointing out the flaws.Hope this helps


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A: You are not alone. Remember this is new to a lot of you out there. In the past companies suetbmtid blindly to the Internet in hopes of getting picked up. Well now you have a problem cleaning all the old stuff up. It can be done. Yes we can do it. We have to establish your preferred local area, get a work phone number and make the appropriate changes to your web site. Then it is just followup and a bit of a waiting game with all the existing places.


because you cant put videos on with the USB chord the only thing you can do is have the SD card and buy a SD card redaer and do it that way all you then got to do is copy and paste the videos into the flix section i believe it is.. but i think they can only be MP4 files..


It may be due to the fact that the video is store on your phone memory. Only those on the sd card will be show on your coupmter. U will need to use the pc suite of lg to see your videos. Or u can copy the video on your phone to the mass storage. Check out my Viewty on my blog.

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