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I love your comparison...yes, writing an essay IS like putting together old elements to create a new soup. Sometimes that soup looks great, but doesn't smell so hot...and then you taste it and...oops, inedible. Like writing an essay. And then there are those magical moments when everything comes together and what you've created is perfectly delicious...and...perfect. When that happens...ah.

Bob G.

Winesburg and Robin: what connects them is what stays the same, your love for them. Preface written and on the way!


Victoria - and the patience to get to the "ah!"

Bob - Eager to read the preface. And yes, the love connects.

Susan Adcox

I absolutely loved your essay in The Art of Grandparenting. Read my review here: http://grandparents.about.com/od/booksaboutgrandparenting/gr/GrandparentingArt.htm

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Took me time to read all the comments, but I enjoyed the article.

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he-said who's-falling-in-love oh-no-they-didn't!Joke-a-day strips like Penny Arcade and xkcd it's ovobius why they're popular, really. It's still worth noting that every single one of these types have a forum. Since they are built around the quirks that come out of culture, they also have to act as the spoon that stirs the culture. The creator doesn't necessarily have to interact with these guys (they usually drive themselves with moderation) and most creators are vaguely afraid to look in the pot or outright refuse to. Regardless, the forums keep people coming back, sometimes more than the comic itself.There's some that spawned a good starter following from people that followed an artist's earlier work. Three Panel Soul grew directly out of Mac Hall. Bad Machinery out of Scary go Round. Johnny Wander out of everything Yuko and Ananth have ever done. Evan Dahm just makes amazing long form comics one after the other like a maniac. Faith Erin Hicks has Demonology 101 and ICE at her back bringing people in for all her current print comics. The followers have simply become used to and love what these artists do they're there for the artists.Basically, what I take away from all this is A Distant Soil doesn't necessarily fit into any of the above categories for a lot of people. It doesn't fall into a soap opera saga that 25 year olds can necessarily identify with, it doesn't have that specific geeky focus that people can get together on a forum over and debate their opinions on the topic, and being a primarily print-oriented artist in your past gives you no cred for the web in their eyes. You straddle the line of print and web and that is a difficult line to straddle because not many readers cross pollinate with print and webcomics. You just have to forge your own way! And you seem to be doing pretty good at it. Your bonus is a backlog of art you can sell from your earlier print days web artists have to create with that in mind as a majority work digitally, or feel that their inks would not be profitable if sold seperately.


I always had the issiepmron that most webcomic creators (outside of Least I Could Do , a terrible webcomic that nontheless is headed by a creator who knows how to hit a market demographic for profit) just made comics to well make comics! The ones that go into it thinking about riches usually get disillusioned quickly and drop out. Most creators seem overwhelmed with the mere idea that people want to buy a book of their comics, or maybe a tshirt, or a bookmark, a print, or what-have-you. I have no idea how much most of these people sell but apparently enough for the cream of the crop to make a living on what they've created. Living well? I couldn't tell you that either. But I can tell you that for the most part, print and web are different breeds headed by people with different mindsets. Most webcomics are as you say, not professional work. The artist may grow into being a professional later, but the majority definitely started as a hobby. I've watched lots of creators bemoan the fact that they never thought they would end up making a book, so the formats of all their early comics were done totally wrong and they spend months fixing everything to be suitable for print.Anyway, I'm rambling some. Your sentiment of doing what you love and finding the audience that loves it too is spot-on. You can't rely on any supposed tried and true methods espoused by anyone else, especially since you're a mold-breaker as I've shown above. I hope for your continued success and the eventuality when I have enough money to buy your books and set next to all the other (web)comic books I've bought! Haha.


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in one year. I will pick them as they come up rather than maknig a list in advance. I note with awe that you had read 30 essays by about February in 2009. Well, if I can make twenty in one whole year I will be chuffed. Looking forward to it. -JP.-= John-Paulb4s last blog .. =-.


CM, why do you think this essay should be open to non-Nigerians? What I take ocffnee to in particular are your words "Whilst I understand this clause, it is a crying shame." Why really is it a crying shame? Interest in Nigeria (deep though it may be) surely is not enough to licence one to write the essay in question nor should the fact that 1 in 4 Africans is Nigerian give way to any and everyone that is interested in Nigerian affairs to write this essay. By definition, the Nigerian Leadership Initiative essay should only be opened to Nigerians, I would even go as far as saying that it should only be opened to Nigerians living in Nigeria, because they only can decide the values on which the society the live in should be based and they alone should be left to decide on the quality of the leadership that they choose to govern them. Without meaning to offend and knowing that neither did you, I find your attitude in this instance patronising.


I have my ielts schedule on 4th nov, would like to thank you for these vidoes. they aremost helpful to all of us. nice voice too flat tone maybe this is good in Speaking section of ielts. what do you think? Thanks much!


I think you're taking a risk with the sencod topic. I'd go with the first, remember you have no idea how conservative of a person will be the one reading your application. It would be a shame to lose out because the wrong person who has a fixed bias against homosexuals is the one reading your essay.I'd play it safe on this one


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