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That's why you and I get along so well -- we're Aries writers, adn thus WE RULE.
Much love,

Jenny R

Happy birthday, Barbara!


Mernitman - Thank you, dear friend. Maybe there is something to birth signs. In any event, we sure do get on well.
Jenny R. - Thank you!


Happy Birthday, beautiful lady! And since I was a French major, I know how old you are. I'm in awe, actually.


You are only a little ahead of me--so I will remember the cry of "Soixante-dix!" in May. Living well is the best revenge and you have obviously mastered the art. Your birthday sounded such fun!

Your spirit has not aged.

Brenda Freiberg

Wow!! You are amazing, and how you turn your birthday into a gift for the rest of us!
Welcome to my decade!
It is an honor to have you join us.
Happy, Happy Birthday.

Loren Stephens

Hi Barbara. Bonne anniversaire. Funny how the French use a word that sounds like the English for anniversary -- maybe they think that birthdays are best spent with husbands and other loved ones. Anyway, have a fabulous year. And may they only keep getting better and better. With affection, Loren

Lisa Manterfield

Hurray for Aries babies! I think I should a leaf from your book when I celebrate mine this week. And did I mention you look fabulous? Clearly you're living right! Happy, happy birthday!

Denise Emanuel

Joyeuse Anniversaire!

I'll have a martini tonight and think of you.
Many happy returns of the day, Barbara.


Barbara I thought you were so much younger! What a great Birthday gift from your R. and that your whole family could join you, must of made it an extra special gift. Thank you for sharing, when I turned your age last year, i went a little crazy with it, so the kids gave me a great party and lots of more that the usual expensive presents--I have been so unsettled with my beginning to get serious with my writing, and feeling --it's too late in life --that I am putting together for me a little note book of older writers to encourage me to keep writing---and this blog is a major source of encouragement for me with it honesty and experienced help.--Barbara I think of you as 10 years younger than your age--so can't put you in my book yet.


Happy Birthday, Barbara!

Cheryl Wright

Here Barbara,

Soixante-dixième anniversaire heureux.


Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you!


Happy Birthday to you, Barbara (though it looks like I'm a day late). It sounds like you had a truly wonderful celebration.

Nancy Minchella

Oh, Happy Birthday Barbara - sounds like a fantastic celebration - Here's wishing you the best year yet.


A Happy, Happy Birthday to You Barbara! And many more!

Carol Perkins

Jeez, and I only took Cy (and Suzy who turned 45 on this very day) to Disneyland. We went up yesterday (ON YOUR BIRTHDAY), spent the night at a Howard Johnson motel 3 blocks from the entrance to Disneyland, ate at Mimi's across the street from HoJo's and got up early today for an 11-hour marathon at the park. Fun, fun, fun. We just got home. You know I wish you Happy Birthday in whatever language works! love, carol


Happy Birthday!
My R is not like your R, unfortunately.

Bob Goldman

Belated Happy Birthday!


Belatedly !!!

"Your birthday?" said Pooh in great surprise.

"Of course it is. Can't you see? Look at all the presents I have had." He waved a foot from side to side. "Look at the birthday cake. Candles and pink sugar."

Pooh looked—first to the right and then to the left.

"Presents?" said Pooh. "Birthday cake?" said Pooh. "Where?"

"Can't you see them?"

"No," said Pooh.

"Neither can I," said Eeyore. "Joke," he explained. "Ha ha!"

Jean Franks

A belated anniversary wish to the birthday kid, from one who is quatre vingts. Can't believe how the years rush by, but it must be because I'm still having fun! Which is what I wish for your future.....
Most fondly (does that phrase REALLY date me?)
Jean F.


Oh, Thank you everybody for those wonderful birthday wishes. Merci!

Laura Hoopes

Dear Barbara,
Sorry I missed the event, but I am so glad it was a lovely occasion complete with oysters and martini post grandkids etc. Ranches, riding, sounds great! I wish you many happy returns, or merde whichever you consider luckier!
Laura Hoopes

Beverly Higginson

Happy Belated Birthday! I had three years of French and I still don't know what number "Soixante-dix" is. I'm going to think you are 70 if you don't comment & I know it is tres` gauche to inquire about one's age, but you just couldn't be 70! Not that there's anything wrong with that. Your celebration sounded wonderful. Many happy returns. Coincidentally, I too refer to my husband by the first letter of his name. He's H. Does that say more about him or me? Bev Higginson


Laura - Thanks for birthday wishes -
Beverly - Actually soixante-dix is thirty-nine. (a joke.)

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