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The best thing about 4-5 day workshops is the total immersion. The thing I haven't been able to accomplish in any workshop is to read beyond my first few chapters because everyone needs time to read their work and I feel I have to start from the beginning each time so people know what the story is about! Any tips on this?
I wish I was going to Montana! Have a wonderful time!


Our writers group meets in person about once every 2-3 months for a full day of writing, brainstorming, marketing discussion, etc. Mostly we motivate each other to keep writing, as best we can in our busy lives.

In April, 3 of us went to a friend's cabin in Big Bear for a weekend retreat. One gal reviewed and restructured her chapter outline for her memoir; one brought along her box of files/notes and organized; I finally finished typing up the notes I'd written to give framework and a chronological outline to my memoir. There's something about having no other distractions (can't do the laundry, for example). We kept each other focused, had fun, and were incredibly productive. We also went home with renewed faith in our progress and excited about the work ahead. That was well-worth any cost.


Pam - That's a good question - It gives me something to think about for the retreat (and yes, wish you were coming too.) Maybe work on a one page overview of what's been written so far to read, and then just read later chapters?

Kathleen - What a fabulous idea!


thank you for the feedback I'm glad you liked that post too, and I can see how's it just right for you just now Thanks for jniniog in the project with your own piece, it's great to have you back blogging again!@ Cat, I can hardly bear to imagine what it must be like to lose your blog. You have my sympathies. I know what you mean about blogging being integral of who you are. For me it's not just who I am as a writer, but who I am. I can't imagine life without it!@ Karen, so often we seem to be travelling on the same bumpy paths you make for a wonderful travelling companion, always and all ways x@ Jan, thank you for sharing that, and publishing it, and teaching us so much about taking those risks. Your new blog is beautiful and brilliant, and I'm sure it will inspire many people to venture forth from their comfort zones (including moi)


Joanna,That is a fantastic cotclelion of works that you've arranged in a wonderfully relevant way. Each piece contributes to the next and focuses what each section is about I see why you did that. Really fun project that I should have participated on earlier!Congratulations on getting that ebook put together and for a great cause too! On may way to paypal next.

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