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    Barbara has published novels, memoir, books for children and numerous personal essays and articles.  She teaches creative writing at the Writers’ Program at UCLA Extension and conducts writing workshops for the Wellness Community


February 12, 2006


Linda Turcato

I need to get in touch with Barbara Abercrombie about Nancy Davenport , I have a picture of Nancy I think she might like

1. Eternal Improv: A Memoir
Nancy Davenport, Barbara Abercrombie, Jacqueline Winspear

Trudi Gardner

Barbara, I've been reading Courage and Craft and think it is one of the most inspirational writing books I've ever read. Sorry I cannot take your class, but maybe one day.


Trudi - thank you for those kind words!

Sonia Levitin

Barbara, I just found Writing Time. It's wonderful. Great idea. I'm amazed, not that you are doing it, but that you found time!
love to you and Brooke, always, Sunny

Kay Presto

Hi, Barbara,
I have truly enjoyed your blog and Writing Time. It has been such a pleasure to meet you, and I will continue to read your input. You are a joy and a pleasure in the writing world.


I kind of discovered you barkdacws found your incredible site about 3 mo.s ago & just ordered your book. I'm like a kid w/ ants in my pants can't wait for the book to come! Just like everyone else that left comments, I too have recommended your site (& book) to everyone that I'm around just spredding the garden goodness. I'm so happy for your #9 ranking how cool is that!! I hope you don't get swept up in the Canadian celebrity rush & forget about us haha! Just kidding enjoy every minute of it, you deserve it GURL!!


> gwe, if you dig deep enough, it seems _everyone_ is canaaidn. ;pPlease dig deep on me, then. This United Statesian needs to hitch up the Conestoga wagon. It's BC or bust!Gayla, congratulations! That's great news! And well-deserved.


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