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Congrats on starting and continuing the best blog on writing ever! I'm glad to be counted as one of your 4000/month loyal readers! And I quoted you in my own blog today.

Carol Perkins

Three years! Hard to believe. Good for you. I'm noticing Zadie Smith's "On Beauty" on your "bedside table." Did you read her little memoir about her father in a recent New Yorker? Brilliantly constructed, it read like a fine work of fiction.

June Freeman

Thank you! This is the one blog that I have subscribed in the past few years to that I haven't canceled. I smile every time I see it in my InBox. Thank you for everything....your posts on what's going on with you, the links about writing, and your suggested books-to-read list. It has all been helpful to me.


I feel blessed to have found this blog, and to know there is 4000 writers out there --receiving this precious gem--is so encouraging. I too, am so glad each time I see on in my InBox. I am new here, but am already attached.
Thanks Barbara


Thank you! I am relatively new to your blog, but I find myself looking forward to every entry. Thank you for the book suggestions; writing prompts; ideas; questions; and for sharing your personal writing experiences. You make the writing life seem accessible and available to aspiring writers like me.


Elizabeth - I'm a fan of your blog. (That gorgeous picture of Sophie in the current post!)
Carol - How recent was the NYer? I'm always behind.
June - thank you for those kind words. I'm glad the blog is helpful.
Marilynn - Are you the Marilynn in Arrowhead? If so, please keep me posted on the snow situation next week. Thanks!
Marie - And for those kind words, thank you!

Loren Stephens

Thank you for creating a cybercommunity. Many a day, I open your message first. It gets me going, and I shamelessly,see if anyone reacts to something I might have posted, especially your comments. You hold us together no matter how far apart we are in reality. Loren


Loren - Oh that's beautiful! Thank you.

Bari Carrelli

Thank you for your insight and encouragement!


Thank you for your gentle way of spurring us on to do what deep down we know must be done.

Love your books. You give so much.


I don't often leave comments but always enjoy your posts. Well done for three excellent years and keep up the good work

Cheryl Wright

Congratulations to us. Let's keep this good thing going. i'm happy to be a part of it.


Yes it is Marilynn in Arrowhead, It is suppose to snow at 4K tomorrow (Monday) for just one day---but who knows--hard to trust the weatherman---I'll keep you posted.----
And a little report--I've done 6 days of 15 minute writing on my poem (I'm very slow).I am encouraged to be able to keep the commitment--- as I am also taking an Online "Literary Criticism and Theory"

Kathleen Guthrie

Congratulations and thank YOU!


snow post: this morning awoke to 2 to 2 1/2 inches of powder, cold all day. It didn't melt on the deck, I have not been out to see how the streets are. But is was a beautiful day of blue skies, with majestic clouds. Tomorrow morning (Tues) I am going to Twin Peaks a real test of the roads, that I am sure must be fine. I'll let you know.---I'll be up your way on the week, to the Palisades for a baby shower at my son's house. I have 5 grown children who live in west LA. I never get over the beauty of the ocean as one goes through the tunnel on PCH--it is one of those spots that you wrote about before 'that feeds our soul'


Ms. B, It's been such a unique pleasure to hang out with you in cyberspace. Your blog is a living illustration of how love is distributed in the modern age. Here's to three times three times three three more!!!


Bari, Patty, Sheepish, Cheryl, Kathleen - thanks for those kind words.
Marilynn - thanks for the snow report - I'm on my way up there today. and yes, that first view coming back home of the ocean through the tunnel is a heart stopper.
Mernit - Hanging out wherever with you and the Tater is always a pleasure.


I've been meaning to write to say thank you. I took a class from you in LA before I moved to the UK. Moving meant I left my writing group behind, and Writing Time has been my surrogate, encouraging me along as I write about my new British rural life in my blog, An American in the Cotswolds.


This blog seems to be old and unused. Sad...I was really interested in the comments and topics. Barbra is you're listening there are still those of us who need your encouragement.

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